Lise Dynesen

(born in 1956, in Copenhagen), composer. She earned a degree as an organist from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1998. She was originally part of the experimental and social music scene in Copenhagen as a freelance musician (piano and keyboards) with musicians like Marilyn Mazur, Primi band and salsa group Salsanama. She is composer of music for bands as well as stage music, organ music and cross over church music. She is organist in Sankt Jakob's Church, Copenhagen.
As a composer she has received scholarships from The Art Foundation of the Danish State (latest 2006) and D.J.F.A. latest 2011.
Selected works: Kanesang (Sleigh song) for organ (Engstrom & Sodring 1995), and a contribution to the anthology Danish Organ Music II (Kirkemusikforlaget 2010).

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