Consuelo Díez Fernández

(born in Madrid, Spain, on 16th August 1958). Composer and lecturer. She studied at Madrid Royal Music Conservatory with professors like Anton Garcia Abril Roman Alis, C. Bernaola, L. de Pablo and C. Halffter, J. She also studied art history at the Madrid Complutense University, and graduated with a Master of Arts from Hartt School of Music (USA) and a Doctorate in Musical Arts from Hartford University (USA). After completing her studies, Diez returned to work as a composer in Madrid. She directed for several years the electroacoustic music program "El canto de los Adolescentes" in RNE-Radio 2 and was musical adviser to TVE. She was a founder of the Laboratory of Computer and Electroacoustic Composition of the Community of Madrid from 1988 to 1996 and from 2001 onwards. From 1992 to 1996 she was director of the Conservatory "Adolfo Salazar" (Madrid), where she taught Composition and Electroacoustic Music since 1988. From 1997 to 2001 she was director of the Center for the Dissemination of Contemporary Music and the International Contemporary Music Festival of Alicante (Ministry of Culture). In 1998 she was elected to the Executive Committee of the European Conference of Promoters of New Music (ECPNM) and in 2001 she was appointed member of the International Honour Committee of the Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica. In 2004 she was appointed director of the International Music Festival of La Mancha (Quintanar de la Orden, Toledo). Since 2006 she is Music Advisor in Ministry of Culture of the Community of Madrid. Her works have been performed in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Portugal and among other countries, having been recorded by various entities such as RNE, TVE, Canal Clásico (TV), CBA, LIEM-CDMC among others and published in Mundimusica, Nadir and Arte Tripharia (Spain).
Select works: Agua de la luna, 1992, mar, orchestra of flutes; El azul está prohibido, 1990, voice, tape; El azul está prohibido: [version para dos voces y electroacústica], 1990, 2 s, tape; Cartas a la oscuridad (1. Allegretto – 2. Allegro – 3. Andante espressivo – 4. Presto – 5. Andantino – 6. Allegro), 1981, pf; Cuarteto de cuerda (1. Allegro moderato – 2. Adagio espressivo – 3. Leggiero), 1983, 2vl, vla, vlc; Cuatro instantes (1. Plácido – 2. Con brio – 3. Lento – 4. Enérgico), 1982, fl, vlc, pf; Cuatro instantes (1. Plácido – 2. Con brio – 3. Lento – 4. Enérgico), 1982, fl, cl b, pf; De konia, 2002, a, pf; Día de ira, 1999, 2 perc; Dos canciones (1. Escuché el viento – 2. No espantes el silencio), 1984, t/s, pf.
Select recordings: Sabor a cristal, 1993.
Awards: "Norman Bayles Memorial Award in Composition (1987); "Real Art Ways" (1986), Diploma "Pi kappa Lambda" (EEUU, 1987), Ciudad de Heidelberg (Alemania, 1996), II Panorama de Jóvenes Compositores (España, 1988), Premio Jóvenes creadores (Madrid, 1989), "Viva el Espectáculo" (Alicante, 1999), "Juan Martín de Nicolás" (Festival of La Mancha, 2005)

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