Mirjana Šistek Đorđević

(Belgrade, 23rd July, 1935), studied composition with Stanojlo Rajičić in the Music Academy in Belgrade and spent most of her working years as a professor at the Mokranjać Music School. Her early works show an author still firmly in the sound world of late romanticism, but in the mid-seventies she made a stylistic turn towards more contemporary language. Her most important works are String quartet (1963), Piano concerto (1969), Poema bez naslova, for orchestra (1970), Tražim pomilovanje, for narrator, female choir and orchestra (1977), Kolizija, for 12 flutes, 4 double basses and piano (1978), Nokturno, for organ (1979), Sedam aplikacija, for string quartet and Pojanja, for large flute ensemble.