Maria Pia De Vito

(born 17th August 1960 in Naples, Italy, and resident in Rome) singer, composer and jazz arranger. She studied opera and contemporary singing, composition and jazz arrangement. She had her debut in 1976 as a singer and musician (plectra, percussion and piano) in research groups committed to ethnic music. Since 1980 she has been working in the jazz field and collaborated, with, among others, Paolo Fresu, Norma Winstone, Steve Tino Tracanna, Bruno Tommaso. She toured throughout Europe and the United States. Between 1994 and 1997 with Rita Marcotulli she created and directed the "Nauplia" project, a fusion between Neapolitan folk song and jazz. In this period she expanded her interest in improvisation and in symbols, realizing the CD "Phonè" with the pianist John Taylor. Then Ralph Toner was added to this duo and in 2000 they recorded the CD "Verso". Since 1996 she has worked with the British composer Colin Town and his "Mask Orchestra", with whom she performed at the "Queen Elizabeth Hall" in London. She also works with the sculptress and video-maker Marisa Albanese, with whom she has produced three videos: Strappi d'Acqua", "Color Pelle", "Festina Lento". In 2008 she presented the CD "DialeKtos" in collaboration with Huw Warren and Gabriele Mirabassi. Her interest in song writing has led her to create a new band, "Songs from the Underground", with which she recorded the CD attached to the review L'Espresso in the series "Jazz Italiano Live". She is also interested in Baroque music and she has created various projects with the harpsichordist Claudio Astronio.
Selected works: Giardino d'ammore, Il Paradiso dei cacciottielli, Scugnizzeide, Eucharisto So"i, Si fosse n'auciello, Arò Fujje, Miskin, I invented you.
Awards: In 2001 she was awarded the "Positano Jazz" and in the same year she was added into the category "Beyond Artist" of the 49° Down Beat Critics Poll in the USA.