Maja de Rado

(Belgrade, 1954), was born into a family in which many members have enjoyed successful careers in the arts. She studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Together with her brother, Jugoslav Vlahović, she played in one of the most unusual acoustic bands – Porodična manufakturu crnog hleba (Family manufacture of dark bread). Critics described their music as a mixture of post-psychedelic folk and traditional music fusion with a contemporary pop style. After several non-commercial singles and frequent performances at the famous Belgrade off-mainstream theatre, Atelje 212, in 1974 the group recorded their debut album Stvaranje (The Creation). However, they inevitably split up and Maja de Rado has since devoted her time to classical music (writing for choir and string instruments) and to meditational poetry. During the last decade she has been working on an artistic project based on a universal system that she created alongside the Serbian Academy of Arts and Science and which has been temporarily postponed due to her long illness.