Suor Cristina Damonte

(born 27th September 1965 in Diano Marina, Italy) spiritual songwriter. A Paoline nun since 1983, she studied Theology and then Harmony, composition and organ. She began her musical activities first before as a nun, then from 1990, with the record label Paoline Audiovisivi and working for the musical and pastoral animation for the young people with several concerts in Italy and Europe. She has participated in various TV programmes and collaborated for the music in three videos by Vito Magno. She has "preached" with the voice and guitar: the order of the Daughters of St. Paul has, as "charisma", the proclamation of the Gospel through the means of social communication, so that even the music. Sister Damonte has held that the common thread that unites all of her songs is the strong call to transcendence that accompanies the whole of existence, feeding the dreams, to open new horizons full of hope. Since 2008 she has left the stage and is living in the Dominican Monastery in Moncalieri (Turin).
Recordings: "Ti ho incontrato", "Il senso della vita", Paoline Edizioni, 1998; "Saperti vicino", Paoline Edizioni, 2001; "C'รจ ancora amore", Paoline Edizioni, 2005.