Vesna Dačić

(Kruševac, 25th August, 1972), studied music pedagogy in the Faculty of Arts in Zvečan and composition with Vojna Olivera Nešić. She works as a professor of music theory and conductor of the children’s choir in the Elementary school in Aleksandrovać and is a member of the Women in Music Association in Kragujevać. Her pupils have won prizes with their own compositions (2005 and 2007) in the International Composers Competition Donne in Musica Kragujevać. She has written many works inspired by traditional Serbian music including: Iz Banju ide , for mixed choir, Oj, Moravo, for female choir, Song of Lazarica, for children’s choir, Shadows of midnight, for flute and piano, Elegia, for piano, Value of white river, for string quartet.

Vivian Dahl

(born in 1938 in Denmark) is self-taught as a composer. She writes primarily vocal music and perceives music more as a language than as a form or structure. Among her early works from the 1970s are songs with political messages. For example, the revolutionary struggle poems as lyric or Collection Tracks are weapons 1978-84. Her later songs have more lyrical texts of such Nils Ferlin, Harald Herdal or Pablo Neruda. Among her few instrumental works is a piano trio from 2000.
Selected works: Fem sange for tenor og klaver, 1982; Seks sange for baritone og klaver, 1982; Nattetimen. Fem sange for kontraalt og klaver, 1983; Drǿmmeren. Fem sange for kontraalt og klaver, 1983; I skumringen. Fem sange for kontraalt og klaver, 1984; Sange er våben. Seks sange for tenor og klaver 1984, Sange til årstiderne. Fire sange for tenor og klaver, 1984; Klavertrio. For violin, cello og klaver, 2001.