Ana Dall'Ara-Majek

(born in Paris, resident in Montreal), composer. She spent several years exploring various compositional strategies that result from hybridization instrumental / electroacoustic / computer. She studied composition in France with Christine Groult (Pantin conservatory), Jose Manuel Lopez Lopez (University of Paris VIII) and Philippe Leroux (Blanc-Mesnil conservatory). She is currently preparing a PhD in composition musical mixed under the direction of Robert Normandeau and Pierre Michaud at the University of Montreal. She released her music in numerous festivals such as: Space of Sound (Belgium, 2007), Multiphonies GRM (France, 2008, 2009), Suona Francese (Italy, 2008), Musicalta (France, 2009), Punto de Encuentro Canarias (Spain, 2009), Futura Festival (France, 2011), NAISA Sound Travels (Canada, 2011), Sound in Space (USA, 2011), Musica Nova Creatio Sincronic (Spain, 2011), Utopia Experimental Music (USA, 2012) She has collaborated with the choreographer F. Raffinot for the show Laborintus (Festival Etrange Cargo festival in La Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, 2009, Uzes Dance Festival, 2011), and recently with the Quebecois realisator Patrick Lapierre for the animation movie, Le Cosmos sauvera le peuple  (2013, New Selection Quebec Short Films, Festival de Cannes, France)
Selected works: Flussikhhh, for clarinet, cello, flute and mezzo soprano, first performance by the Lunatics ensemble At Large, USA, 2012; Sept Mimes Messagers, for string orchestra, 3rd Price Concours Sincronic, first performance by Orquestra Joves Músics del Vallès, dir. Pedro Pardo, Spain, 2011; La Lechuga, acousmatic, stereo, 2011 – Sélection Sound in Space Competition, USA; Lucilio Magus, acousmatic, stereo, 2007, rev. 2011; Ubukho, for soprano-saxophone and 4-track tape,2010, first performance by Alfredo Mendoza, Montréal, 2010; Ikomani, for choir and tape, first performance by the Master of the Loire, dir. Florent Mayet, France, 2009; La Chandelle des illusions, acousmatic, 8-track tape, 2007, rev. 2009; Geyser, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano flûte, clarinette, violon, cello and piano, first performance by the TM+ ensemble, dir. Laurent Cuniot, France, 2008; Variations T, for harp & live electronics, first performance by Christophe Saunière, France, 2007; Local Pneumonia, for cello & live electronics, first performance by Guilherme Carvalho, France, 2006; Voix de Trames, acousmatic, stereo, 2004.

Anna María Drack

(born in Elx, Alicante, Spain), poet, writer, singer-songwriter and actress. She holds a degree in Educational Science and a diploma in French. She studied piano and singing at the Conservatorio (Madrid and Murcia). Together with A. Facio and L. F. López Elizondo, she cofounded the independent theatre company "Los Goliardos". In 1967 she collaborated with Nasto and in 68, Goliardos and Nasto fused and Ana María left the group. The composer Tomás Marco proposed her to take part in his play "Cantos del pozo artesiano" to be directed by Hilmar Schatz and to open in Madrid on 25th March that same year. After this experience, Eduardo Stern invited her onto his programme Musica- 3 and it´s there where she first made contact with Elisa Serna who made her the proposal to perform a poem by Rafael Alberti which had just been set to music by Paco Ibañez. In 1970 she entered the world of professional music under the guidance of Jesús Demaria. Her records were released in Spain, Japan, Venezuela, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and the U.S.A. and in 2004 in the United Kingdom and Australia. In 1984 she published her first book "Poemas con patatas y una margarita". Following this work "Diario de un año sin luna" and "De dos en dos". In 1997 she published her first short story "El viajero" and in 2006 her last book, a selection of poems, "Cuarto de hora".
Select works (Poetry): Poemas con patatas y una margarita; Diario de un año sin luna; De dos en dos; Cuarto de hora.
Recordings: Despacio, 1972; Dime que no es verdad, 1973; Enhorabuena, 1976; Está prohibido, 1977; Ana María Drack, 1998.
Awards: "Record World International", award for the best composer in the Latin American world (USA)


Annunziata Dellisanti

Percussionist, composer, ethnomusicologist, is professor of percussion at the “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory, Venice, Italy, and consultant to Venetian Musicians for projects regarding sound and music. She is well known as a performer (both soloist and with orchestra) and as a composer for music for percussion instruments and for her ethno musicological research. She has researched and written essays for volumes produced by the European Commission, by the European Music Council and by the Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica. Her field of interested is centred upon women percussionists and musicians in the Mediterranean basin. She is founder and president of “Women In Musica, Venice” (CEVEDIM).