Stella Cappellini

(born 21st July 1960 in Val di Cecina, Italy, and resident in Bologna, Italy), saxophone player, singer, composer and poetess. She graduated in saxophone (1986) and in Jazz music (2000) from the "Conservatorio Statale di Musica G. B. Martini" in Bologna. Since the 80s she has performed with the symphony orchestras of Venice, Genova ans Sanremo Teathres, with the Ex Novo Ensemble in Venice and in various jazz big bands, including the "Orchestra Nazionale di Jazz", conducted by Bruno Tommaso and Giancarlo Gazzani, with whom she studied improvisation and jazz arrangement. She has also performed with the orchestra conducted by Giorgio Gaslini for the National premiere of the "L'Opera da tre soldi" by Kurt-Wail. She founded, directed and arranged the "Deep Damasqued" big band of the "Scuola Comunale di Musica" in Prato (Italy) for ten years, in which she taught from 1992 to 2004. At the beginning of the 90's she founded the "Duo Novecento" for saxophone and piano, performing twentieth-century music by Franch, Russian and American classical composers. In 2006 she was the band and choir director for the operetta "L'acqua cheta" by Petri-Novelli, staged by the"La Roggiola" theatre company and performed by the instrumental group G. Verdi of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina. She is also co-founder of various group for modern music and saxophone quartets, including the "Wind Sisters" female jazz sax quartet and the "Stato Brado" male jazz sax quartet. She composed music for the "Le Vedove Allegre" theatre company in 2000 and for other popular Tuscan theatre companies in 2008, music on the poems by Baudelaire, Neruda, Artaud, Thomas (2010) and on her own poems included in the book "Il Giardino della Musa" (Giraldi Editore, 2009). She is the author of the text, composer of the music and director of the video "Tu sei". Her poems are also included in different anthologies such as"Bologna e i suoi poeti", "Voci di Poesia" and "Poeti ad alta voce".
Recordings: Stella d'argento, 2006; Nelle mani del Mondo, 2012; Sliding doors, 2002; Murales, 2000; Lp R'Esistenza, 1985.

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