Lidia Damunt

(born in La Manga, Murcia, Spain, 1978) singer and songwriter. After years as a singer and guitarist of "Hello Cuca", she moved to Madrid's MalasaƱa neighborhood, with a previous stay in Mojacar, to begin her solo career. In 2008 she had her debut, with the publication "En la isla de las bufandas". Since then, she has participated in festivals such as Ladyfest, the festival Faraday Stolichnaya, Summercase, Lemon Pop Festival (Murcia), Feminist Cultural Festival of San Sebastian, among others. The second album "El cementerio peligroso" (Subterfuge) was released on 20th April on CD and LP, soon after being reissued on vinyl of "En la isla de las bufandas". That same year she moved to Sweden, away from the stage and the music scene. In 2010 she traveled to Spain to play at festivals like SOS in Murcia or Primavera Sound. It was the beginning of a new stage in her career, considering a new future in which she composes more freely. During 2010 and 2011, she was dedicated to composing and she made several trips to Barcelona to record her third solo album, produced and published by Austro-Hungarian Hidrogenesse. This work is entitled "Vigilia el Fuego".
Select Recordings: Vigila el fuego; En el cementerio peligroso, 2009; En la isla de las bufandas, 2008