María Laura Corradino Falomir

(Chenoa) (born in Mar de Plata, Argentina, on June 25, 1975, now resident in Spain) songwriter. She grew up in a musical family (both parents were musicians). At the age of 16, Chenoa began to sing professionally, taking part in her parents' show. She graduated as a nursery school teacher. Chenoa acquired a good stage presence in the first edition of the Spanish television show Operación Triunfo in 2001. Her first album was "Chenoa", released in April 2002 in Spain. After this first album, awards and albums have built the curriculum for this artist.
Recordings: Chenoa, 2002 (SPA: 5x Multi-platinum); Mis canciones favoritas, 2003 (SPA: Gold); Soy mujer, 2003 (SPA: 2x Multi-platinum); Nada es igual, 2005 (SPA: Platinum); Absurda Cenicienta, 2007 (SPA: Gold); Desafiando la gravedad, 2009; Como un fantasma, 2011; Otra dirección, 2013.
Awards: Award for Best Song of the Year for "Cuando tú vas" according to Disney Channel viewers in Spain, 2002; Cadena Dial Award for New Artist, 2002; I Eurobest Song Festival, 2003; Shangay Award 2004 for Best National Artist; Sol Music Prize, 2004; Silver Award Siurell, 2004; Golden Microphone Award 2005; Mara Gold Award for Best Young Interpreter International (Venezuela), 2005; Eñe Award for Best Female Solo Artist: by "Rutinas", 2005; Cadena Dial Awards, 2006; Punto Radio Award for Best Album of the Year for "Nada es igual", 2006; Eñe Award for Best Female Solo Artist: by "Todo irá bien", 2007; Diario de Mallorca Award, 2008; Orgullosamente Latino Award for Best Latin song of the year for "Todo irá bien" (Latin America), 2008; Shangay Award for Best national album for "Absurda cenicienta", 2008; Cadena Dial Awards, 2009; Shangay Award for Record of the Year for "Desafiando la Gravedad", 2010; Award numbers 1 Cadena Cien, 2012; Donostia Award. "Farolillo de San Sebastian", 2012.