Anna Cazurra Basté

(born in Barcelona, Spain, 1965) composer, lecturer, musicologist. She studied Piano and Violin at the Conservatory of Music of Barcelona and subsequently Composition and Instrumentation with Josep Soler, obtaining the titles of Composition and Instrumentation and Pedagogy. In 1992 she obtained her Phd in art history, specializing in music with a thesis directed by Francesc Bonastre. In 2001 she was employed by the University of Barcelona. As a composer, her output includes pieces for piano, chamber music, vocal, symphonic and scenic music and as musicologist and teacher she has been especially interested in the historical reconstruction of Iberian music and musical repertoire of Spanish composers.
Select works: Alborada, Op. 17, 2004, pf, string orchestra; Atlàntida, Op. 16, 2004, pf, 2 vl, vla, vlc, cb; Baklava, Op. 21, 2006, tr, cor, trb; Cántic, Op. 11, 2003, cl, vl, vlc; Disegnando I Quattro temperamenti ed alcuni caratteri e sentimenti humani, 2001, fl, cl, clb, chi, batt, vlc, cb; Escenas porteñas, Op. 9 (1. Con fervor – 2. Molto deciso), 2003, sax s; Évora: [cuarteto de saxos], 2006, sax s, sax a, sax br; sax t; Évora, primera suite, Op. 2 (1. Romança àrab – 2. Nocturn – 3. Llegendes mil. lenàries), 2000- 2002, string orchestra; Évora, segona suite, Op. 3 (1. Moros I cristians – 2. Els balls – 3. Enyorança – 4. La muralla àrab), 2002, string orchestra; El éxtasis de keira, Op. 23: para piano, 2007
Awards: In June 2001 she was awarded the distinction of the Generalitat de Catalunya in recognition of her career. She has won awards like the "Frederic Mompou" by Musical Youth, 1995 and 1998 or the Premi Fundació Caixa de Sabadell.