Esmeralda Cayuelas Grao

(Esmeralda Grao) (born on 1968 in Orihuela, Spain) composer, singer and producer. She began studying music theory, guitar and singing at just eight years old. After college, she moved to Murcia and studied at the School of Drama and Dance and the Conservatory of Music and had her first contact with the theater, not only performing several plays, but also as an arranger and singer. She moved to Madrid where she was in the chorus of various artists. In 1998 she was chorister of Herzgog Mikel, the Spanish representative of the Eurovision Festival. From this moment, she began to perform her solo works, also taking part in soundtracks and jingles for TV series. Participated in the program "Destino Eurovision 2011" for the purpose of representing Spain in the Eurovision Festival in 2011.
Select Recordings: Solo albums: Bella y oscura, 1999; Tan dentro, 2000; Exactamente igual que tú, 2004; Sottovoce, 2009. Soundtracks: Como un relámpago, 1996; Amores que matan, 1996; Entre las piernas, 1999; Zapping, 1999; Un cuento de Navidad (short), 2000/01; Susurros (short), 2007/08.
Awards: She won the Benidorm Festival in 1994 with the song "Fuego y miel", composed by Rosana Arbelo