Mercé Capdevila Gaya

(born in Barcelona, Spain, 20th March 1946), composer. She studied at the Barcelona High Municipal Music Conservatory. Simultaneously, she also studied Plastic Arts at the Massana School in Barcelona, as well as at the Kunsthand Werk Schule de Pforzheim in Germany. Previously Capdevila worked on electro-acoustic music in the Phonos Labs in Barcelona with Professor Gabriel Brncic and attended courses on composition with Luigi Nono, Josep M. Mestres-Quadreny, Luis de Pablo and others. She has received comissions from CDMC, the Ministry of Culture in Madrid, as well as the Catalan Composers Association. Capdevila is a member of the Catalan Composers Association and founder of the Spanish Electroacoustic Music Association.
Select works: A bao a qu, 1987, fl, cl Sib, vl, vlc, pf, electr; A bao a qu dos, 1986, 2 voices, electr; A Chillida, 1997, sax with SPX 90 II, tape; Acte o sintonia, 1977, pf; Alegries de comedia, 1991, tape, sint- claqué; Baobab, 1985, amplified chi, diley; Barcelona equilibrista, 2007, fl, ob, cl sib, fg, cor, perc, pf, 2 vl, vla, vlc, cb; Bolero de Ravel per a Salomé, 1991, electr; Breches il-luminacions, 1986, electr audiovisual; Clar de lluna de Débussy per a Salomé, 1991, electr.
Select Recordings: Baobab, 1991; Compositors de Barcelona 1, 1992: "Nu", tape, chit and SPX 90 II; Presencia de Luigi Nono: "Risonanza 3"; Avuimúsica, 1981: "Intermezzo 10"; ZAS. Música vertical, 2007.

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