Pascale Criton

(born in 1954, Paris), composer. She studied composition with Ivan Wyschnegradsky, Gérard Grisey and Jean- Etienne Marie. She trained in electroacoustic at the International Centre de Recherches Musicales (1980-1982) and Computer Music (IRCAM 1986). Artistic Director of Art & Fact, she designs in situ concerts and listening experiences that associate architecture and music and the voice. The performances Ecouter autrement invite the public to new representations and perceptions of sound. Lately, her designs include public with disabilities: Histoires sensibles (2013) National Institute for the deaf, Institut National de Jeunes Sourds, (National Institute for the deaf), state commission. A specialist of microtonal music, her writing develops the uses of scordatura (specific tunings for string instruments, guitars, piano) associated with orchestral instruments and live electronics. She is currently a research associate in the laboratory Lutherie Acoustique et Musique (LAM, UPMC, CNRS) and works on bone conduction and spatialization of sound. Pascale Criton’s works are commissioned by ensemble, cities and state  They are performed in France as well as abroad: Radio-France, Festival Présences (Paris), IRCAM, Manca (Nice), Tate Museum (London), Iikhom XX (Tashkent), Simn (Bucharest), Venice Biennale (2013) etc. She has worked with several music studios such as InaGRM, GMEM, CCMIX, MIA and ensembles such as the Ensemble 2e2m, l’Itinéraire, Aleph, Taller Sonoro. A book devoted to her work appeared in the collection à la ligne: Pascale Criton, Les univers microtempérés (2e2m, 1999) and a monographic CDs in Assai (2003), which won the Charles Cros Academy award. Her works are published by Jobert (Lemoine distr.). She is a guest artist at the University Paris 8 (LABEX Arts-H2H)  and she organizes the days Ecoutes Croisées at the Conciergerie (2014).
Selected works works in situ: Ecouter autrement, commissioned by Orange foundation, Panthéon, 2010; Promenade, «Voyager avec Le Corbusier» commissioned by Louis Vuitton-La Quinzaine, 2009; Music in situ, Villa Savoye, commissioned by Centre des Monuments Nationaux, 2009; Ausculter, écouter le son dans l’espace du Couvent de La Tourette, Convent of La Tourette, 2008 // instrumental works: La ritournelle et le galop, for guitar; Gaïa, for four musicians and image in real time, state commission, 2002; Objectiles, for four guitars, Radio-France commission, 2002; Artefact, for instrumental ensemble, state commission, 2002; Plis, for instrumental and electronic ensemble, state commission, 2004; Circle process, for violon, 2011; Chaoscaccia, for cello, 2013.
Publications: “ Instruments à frettes et nouveaux accordages”, (Instruments with frets and Microtunings) Criton (P), Delume (C), in La musique et ses instruments, CIM09, 5th Conférence on Interdisciplinary Musicology, Editions Delatour France, 2013; “Mobilité et Hétérotopies”, (Mobility and Heterotopia) in Filigrane, n°11, Musique et lieu, J.-M. Chouvel and L. Bourkaert (dir), Delatour France, 2010.