(born in Taiwan, 1965, resident in Austria).

Composer, pianist and media artist was born in Taiwan in 1965, and has  lived in Austria since 1991. She has travelled to over 15 countries within Europe, Asia, Russia, Canada  and South and North America  for concerts, musical projects and institutional productions, study and research in the following areas: computer music, audio visual interactivity and electronic /electro – acoustic music. She has mounted visual arts and visual reality exhibits and has worked with contemporary instrumental theater, dance performance and art video music. Chuang has conducted workshops and given guest lectures on Austria, Germany, the UK, the USA, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. She has participated  in ICM, NIME, Wien Modern, Ars Electronica, V: NM, Ultraschall, JSEM, Eucue, kryptonale, SICMF, ISEA, etc. Since 1996 she has collaborated with Andreas Weixler on the Altelier Avant Austria.
Selected works: für Io, 8-channel computer  composition (Berlin, 2005);The Colours of a wooden Flute for bass recorder, interactive audiovisual composition/improvisation(London 2006);J’ecoute marcher..for 13 instrumentalists, video projection & live electronics (Linz 2008)
Performances/appearances: JSEM annual concert(Tokyo, 2004)Wien Modern (Vienna, 2005)ICMC/SARC ( Belfast, 2008)
Awards: Selected for a commissioned work for Nime (Nerw York, 2007)

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