Inmaculada Cárdenas

(born in La Linea, Cádiz, Spain, 1952). Composer and music professor at the Santiago de Compostela University. She holds a PhD from Seville University with a thesis on Andalusia baroque music. Historian, pianist and teacher. Dedicated to research in music education. She belongs to the Spanish Electroacoustic Music Association (AMEE). Since 1993, she has performed solo works at the CDMC. Since 1997, directs the USC Musical Creation Group (GCMUS) with which she has conducted several music projects. Her compositions have been scheduled in national and international prestige foros like Synthese in Bourges (France), Hemisferic in New York, University of Bologna, Fonos in Barcelona and the CDMC in Madrid, among others.
Select works: Concierto para esculturas sonoras, 1990/1991, unconventional instruments; O Cubo de San Agustín: Oratorio, 2002, voice, pf, tape, reciter; Ensaio, 2008, voice, pf, electr; La Línea- La Habana, tba, electr, image; A memoria e os xogos: Ballet en siete actos, 1998, tape (vlc, pf); A morte do Dansak: conto radiofónico, voice, choir (voice bi), tape; Mosteiro Suite, 1997, tape (2 voices, vlc, dup); Motores, 2006, choir (voice bi), reciter.
Select Recordings: Espacio Permeable, 1992; G.C.M.U.S. Musica E Arquitectura, 2001; G.C.M.U.S. Serea e o Contador de Contos, 2002; G.C.M.U.S. O Grupo de Creación Musical en Concerto, 2007.