Rosa María Calvo-Manzano

Was born in Madrid in 1946. She graduated from the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory with an "Extraordinary Conservatory Degree Achievement" recognition. She has a Masters in Philosophy and Human Arts, a PhD in Architecture and a second PhD in History from the Department of History. Calvo-Manzano has written essays about pedagogy, historiography, and musicology. Her books have been published by ARLU publications, a branch of Arpista Ludovido Association. Calvo-Manzano created a didactic technique, known as the ARLU Technique, which is used in courses at the Madrid Complutense University and at the RCSM.She has been recognized with numerous national and international prizes and condecorated by the King of Spain with "El Lazo de Isabel la Católica" and "La Encomienda de Alfonso X el Sabio".She is harp professor at the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory.