Maura Capuzzo

(born 1965 in Padova, Italy), teacher and composer. She studied composition with Chiara Benati and Giovanni Bonato, Choral Music and Choir Conducting and Electronic Music with Nicola Bernardini, then she completed her musical training with Francesco Valdambrini, Salvatore Sciarrino and Mauro Bonifacio. She also attended master classes with G. Grisey and H. Lachenmann. In 2009 she won the scholarship from the "Istituto di Cultura Italian"in Stockholm for a research project in collaboration with the KTH in Stockholm. Some of her chamber, choir and electronic music has been performed in festivals in Italy and abroad such as "MITO" in Milan, "ISCM" in Hong Kong, "Urticanti" in Bari (Italy), "Festivalpodium" in Zurich, "Gda" Padova, and have been broadcast on radio stations such as Radio3, WDR3, RadioVaticano, Radio4Hong Kong, DRS2, radio P2. Her sound installations have been reviewed in "Computer Music Journal" and "MIT Press Journal" ( Boston). From 1993 to 2003 she was a member of the Italian chamber choir "Athestis Chorus". She has recorded for the record labels "Altrisuoni" and "Velut Luna" and has published with Ferrimontana and Arspublica. She teaches at the "Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello" in Venice.
Selected works: Bosco di Courton Luglio 1918, coro, perc, 2003; Come arriva l'amore, così ti si libera il naso. Improvvisamente e a caso (M. Lotter), V, electronics; Di frammenti sparsi, memorie, colori, org; Il filo d'erba, se oscilla, è solo vento, vl, 2005; Pietre sole, nuvole, vla, cl, electronics; Tigli fiorirono nel mese sonnambulo, 2011.
Awards: European Women composer contest "Nymegen-Holland" - "Kaleidoscope Program of European Union 1997"