Zoja Cernovska

(born in 1960 in Czech Republic). She studied with Frantisek Emmert, Petr Eben and Svatopluk Havelka.
Selected works: Orchestral: Responsae for organ, strings, and percussion 1990; Chamber: Sonata for violin and piano 1987, string quartet, "Somnia et Noctium Phantasmata", for flute and organ 1990; Vocal: "Lamento", for middle voice and string quartet 1989, Madrigals for Women's chamber choir 1989,cantata "Staleti popluji ke mne jako vory", for baritone and piano 1991

Zulema de la Cruz Castillejo

Was born in Madrid in 1958. She studied piano and composition at the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory. She obtained piano, harmony, counterpoint and composition High Degree. Awarded the George Maile scholarship from the Stanford University, she also acheived a Master's Degree in composition and computer electronic music at the latter American University, where she studied with leland Smith, Ross Bauer, John Chowning and David Zicarelli. She participated as a pianist and composer in the group Alea ll of the Stanford University. Since 1988, she teaches electroacoustic composition at the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory where she founded the Computer Electroacoustic Composition and Research Laboratory (LICEO)