Mara Cantoni

(born 1951 in Milan, Italy and resident there) composer. Her interdisciplinary education (she studied philosophy, music and dance) led her to associate different languages, to text relations, often changing her role along a path that has touched all kinds of music. Since the '60s she has taught guitar and, at same time, she has been performer, instrumentalist and popular music composer (Folk Group International in 1972-74; songs for Italian singer Milva, Ricordi albums 1977-86). Then she shifted her interest on music and dance theatre, working as director (Manon di Massenet, 1979; Tane,1982; Entr'acte, 2002) and as critical writer (Wagner-mito, racconto, musica, 1982; Norma-come nasce uno spettacolo, 1978; Gaber: non si può non ascoltarlo, 1978; L'ultimo monologo del signor G, 1982). In 1987 she founded an original kind of music theatre with Moni Ovadia, in which has poured her skills as a director, playwriter, set designer and choreographer (Dalla sabbia dal Tempo, 1987 - Dybbuk, 1995 - Ballata di fine millennio, 1996), also performing a song by Brecht-Weill (Grabschrift 1919, CD tratto dalla Ballata). She has collaborated in several projects with jazz musicians and has dedicated an original installation to the piano (Bianco Nero Piano Forte, Ravenna Festival 2009) together with the photographers Lelli&Masotti and the composer Luigi Ceccarelli.
Recordings: Elles sont venues pour dire, "Women's Song", CD published in 2012, of which she is composer, performer and producer.


María Assumpta Codina Gubianes

(born in Barcelona, Spain, 1943). Composer and lecturer. She began her musical studies with her father, Salvador Codina, violinist and composer. She later studied at the Conservatory of Music of Barcelona. As a teacher she has taught at the Conservatory of Barcelona, Badalona Municipal Conservatory and the Academy Ars Nova de Maria Canals of Barcelona. She also collaborates with the Jesuits School of Music Casp (Barcelona). She has been a founding member and organizer of the following activities: Vesprada Musical (Breda) 1984-2004, Nadalenc Musical Jove (Breda) from 1987 to 2002, Concert al Pati de l'Abadia (Breda) 1992 Stage International Musical a Breda (La Selva, Girona), participating as a songwriter and performer from 1992 to 1998.
Select works: Abanico para aca...: habanera, 1975, choir (voices bi); La bassa del Molí: [Sardana. Arreglo], 1990, traditional instrument; Bessones boniques: [Sardana. Arreglo], 2006, cobla; Blau- verd: [arreglo], 1992, pf, cobla; Caprici, 1994, fl, pf; Caprici per accordió, 1988, fis; Gaserans: [Sardana. Arreglo], 1999, traditional instrument; Himne de la Unió Esportiva Breda, 1997, choir (voices- bi), chamber orchestra; L'horitzó i la nit, 1983, voice, string quartet; Laia estimada: [Sardana. Arreglo], 2008, cobla.
Awards: She received the composition prize Francesc Basil Foundation.

Maria Beatrice Calai

(Italy) pianist and composer. She studied piano with P. Biondi and F. Scala. As pianist, she plays in numerous concerts in Italy and abroad and partecipates in various piano competitions (3dr prize an the National competition in Osimo and semifinalist at the International competition in Stresa). She composes music for different ensembles. In 2006 she graduated in "Musica d'Uso" (composition and arrangement for film, theatre, television music and musical comedy) from the University of Bologna (Italy) and she is the first woman in Italy to obtain this title. The concerts dedicated to film music at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna (Italy) and performed by the Symphony Orchestra of the same Theatre were very significant. She is also dedicated to teaching and she is consultant at the publishing house Raffaello and member of the Association MUSICAINSIEME in Chiaravalle (Italy).