Marta Botia Alonso

(born in Madrid, Spain, on September 15th 1974), singer and composer. A duo was formed along with Marilia Andrés Casares called 'The Just', which would later change its name to Ella baila sola. This group broke up in 2001, at the zenith of fame, after three studio albums and a greatest hits, and Marta Botia began her solo career with an album entitled "Cumplir lo prometido" which features collaborations like Antonio Vega, Dj Kun, Tomatito and Enrique Bunbury. In 2003 participated in the DVD "Ellas y la Magia" of Disney, performing the song "Que tu Luz no se Nuble Jamás". In 2006 she participated in the film "Pobre Juventud" by Miguel Jiménez, playing the supporting role of Esperanza. In September 2009, Martha returned to the music scene with a new duo, called EBS, without Marilia but with the addition of Rocío Pavón. The new album, released by themselves and with the help of Gonzalo Benavides, was entitled "Awake", but in March 2013, the duo announced the separation.
Recordings: With Ella Baila Sola: Ella Baila Sola, 1996; EBS, 1998; Marta y Marilia, 2000; Grandes Éxitos, 2001. Solo Albums: Cumplir lo prometido, 2002; With EBS: Despierta, 2009.