Alondra Bentley

(born in Lancaster, 25 January1983, resident in Murcia), singer and composer. Her first demos were signed with the pseudonym "Ladybird". Under that name, she met the brothers Jose and Andres Perello, who, along with Alondra, Juan Pedro Galvez (Irasshai) and Luis José Argemí, founded "First Aid", group of which, reached the final in pop-rock in the competition for promising young Creajoven 2004 (Murcia). In 2008 she was guest of the Independent Festival at Cañada de la Cruz (Murcia), where she shared the stage with Playmovil, Stefunny 6, Ninguno, Yumalla and Winnie de Punk. Four years later she released her debut solo, Ashfield Avenue, published in March 2009. In 2009 she participated in many music festivals such as Primavera Sound in Barcelona, La Mar de Musicas in Cartagena, the FM Pop in Lucena (Córdoba), the Sonorama in Aranda de Duero, the Alternative Musicas Festival (or Festival October) of Ayora, and Vandia, female voices festival organized by the group Laika in Valladolid among others. She served as opening act for international groups such as Elvis Perkins in Dearland, and participated in the Nick Drake tribute concert organized by Sala Galileo Galilei on the 40th anniversary of their first album.
Recordings: 2012: The Garden Room. (Gran Derby Records); 2009: Sings for children, It's holidays (Gran Derby Records); 2009: Ashfield Avenue (Absolute Beginners Records).
Awards: Creajoven Contest Winner in the category of songwriters in 2005. In 2006, in the competition for new talents in the Sala Stereo, Stereo Live, she was one of the three finalists, along Playmovil (winners) and Stefunny 6. Together with Klaus & Kinski she reached the semifinals of the 2008 Demo Project, organized by the FIB Heineken, Radio 3 and MTV Spain.