Rosarita Buccella

(born 11st September 1953 in Rome, Italy), pianist, composer, teacher, teacher assistant at the National Academy of Dance. She gained diploma in piano with Umberto De Margheriti in 1976 at the Conservatory "Francesco Morlacchi" in Perugia (Italy). She has worked for many years with famous International coreographers and dance companies both as a pianist and as a composer (Danza Ricerca, Susanna Hayman, Sara Pardo-Doris Ratko). she was director of the "Piccolo Coro" in Rome until 2001 and assistant conductor of the choir of RAI, artistic director of the Art School "Out in Out ". She recorded some of Scarlatti's sonatas for RAI with Angelo Branduardi and she performed with various musical formations in Italy. Her work Sarabanda for choir and orchestra was performed in a worldwide telecast during the opening of the Jubilee 2000 in Piazza San Pietro; on the same occasion her Missa was performed. Since 2005 she has worked with the dancer and coreographer Mauro Barrerai, for whom she composed some tango music including Por una caricia, for violin performed in 2007 in Rome and Rimini (Italy) by the "Four For Tango" quartet on the occasion of the "Congresso Europeo dell'Erasmo". In 2007 she completed her project "Disciplina all'ascolto musicale" approved and activated in the Academic Year 2007/2008 in the School of Specialization in Clinical Psychology at the University of Siena, where she teaches. She performs in duo (piano and doublebass) and in quartet and works to realize a CD with original folk music, with particular attention to the Argentine Tango.
Selected works: Lipstick, coro, orch., 1986; Rito di Passaggio, coro, orch., V-recit., 1996; Maschere,orch., 2004; Donna e..., pf, orch., 2004; Passion Tango, pf, orch., 2008