Irma Bilbao pseudonym of Françoise Vanhecke

(resident in Belgium), composer, soprano, pianist, actress, voice teacher, improvisator and soundpainter. She started composing when she was 13 years old. Luc Goosen and Jan Decadt soon discovered her composing talent and she immediately got favourable reviews. In 2003 Irma Bilbao got a grant from the New York Women Composers to perform her solo program 'More than a voice' (New York, 2004). Composers like Mauricio Kagel, Boudewijn Buckinx and Maria de Alvear praise her creativity as a composer. Her music is performed in Belgium, Ukraine, Bulgaria, USA, Italy, Netherlands, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, England, Brazil, France, Lithuania, and Russia. Member of Sabam, ISCM,Matrix and Comav. Irma Bilbao is an artist with many aspects. She is a contemporary, daring, power performing and creative artist using bel canto as well, extended techniques and improvisation. Françoise Vanhecke is an affiliated PhD researcher at the Ghent University and University College Ghent. Currently redefining the boundaries of vocal music, she recently developed a new extended technique, ISFV Inhaling Singing, which is part of her doctoral research.
Selected work: Flexavoice, 2013 for Voice and Flexatone, with the newest extended technique ISFV, Inhaling Singing by Françoise Vanhecke,; Roll Up, 2011; 2V2P, 2010; Souterliedekens Psalm 16, Psalm 17, Psalm, Psalm 22, Psalm 23, 2011; East Crete, Mother Goddess, 2008-2009; Smek, 2008; Spirto, Spirto 2, Spirto 3, 2005-2010; Shadows, 2007.
Recordings: East Crete, Mother Goddess, op CRETE SOUNDIES, (Irma Bilbao & Moniek Darge), Kye06, New York, 2010; DONA NOBIS, (Françoise Vanhecke & Peter Clasen), Exit Records, PMP, 2008.
Bibliography: “Lexicon van de muziek” in West-Vlaanderen, deel 3, p. 129 – 130; « Lexicon Vlaamse componisten geboren na 1800, Flavie Roque »t, Roularta Books, p 787 –788.

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