Daniela Bruni

(born 14th November 1962 in Rome, Italy), painter, director, pianist, composer, writer. She studied piano, composition and electronic music with Walter Branchi and Boris Porena, and gained diploma at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. She studied video art and video installation with Marie Jo La Fontaine at the Salisburgo Academy; she studied engraving techniques at the Calcografia Nazionale in Rome, and German studies and musicology with Reinhold Schlotterer and Theodor Gollner at the University "Ludvig-Maximilians" in Munich. She also studied painting with Godwin Ekhard, pupil of Oscar Kokoschka. She works with RAI as author, director and host of cultural programs and was assistant to the artistic director of the "Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI" of Rome. She specialized in programs on women's history and creativity, partecipating in the "Progetto donna": "Barbara Giuranna: una vita, una musica, un secolo". She teaches music and visual communication at the Tor Vergata University in Rome and film music at the "Master di Cartoni Animati, Animazione e Management" at the LUMSA University in Rome. She is dedicated to the research on synesthesia: the simultaneous interaction between sensory modalities of a different nature. "L'Arte Sinestetica'" was presented in 1993 at the "Artmedia", International Congress of aesthetic research in the media. It takes place in a simultaneous performance of music and painting: listening to different rhythms and musical forms played live or released by equipment sound reproduction is painted during a continuous period of many hours.
Selected works: Lunedì a Santa Cecilia, for visual score, synthesizers and computer, 1988; Variazioni su Psicoreos, for visual score and tale, 1987; Elle m'a dit, Variazioni sulla mano di Escher, viscual score for double bass, 1990; Fantasia su RM videografia per percussioni, visual score for percussion, 1987; Watercolours, pf, 1997; Goooooooool, pf, 1990; Corrispondenze musicali, tape, 1999; Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore, tape, soundtrack for the video "Se una norre d'inverno un viaggiatore" by Daniela Bruni, 1989.