Nataša Bogojević Bugarinović

(Valjevo, 1st January, 1966) studied composition in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade with Srđjan Hofman, followed by courses for electro-acoustic music with Vladan Radovanović (III program of Radio- Belgrade), chamber music with Olivera Djurdjević and film-music with Ennio Simeon in Italy. She has worked as the music editor of the Beorama magazine (1986-1989) and for cultural programmes for TV Belgrade (1985-1989). Awards won include the: Josip Slavenski Prize (1987), Annual Prize of the Association of Composers, Serbia (1988), UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) (1989). Her music has been included in festivals in Orleans, France (1988) and the Yugoslav Review of Composers (Opatija, 1998). Her works include: Travelling on Grammatica, song cycle (1984), La nostalgia dell’infinito, flute and piano (1985), Full moon circle of ground, live electronics and five groups of female voices (1986), Formes differentes de sonneires de la rose + croix, piano, prepared piano and cymbals (1986), Circulus vitiosus, symphony orchestra (1990), First Symphony (1991).