Hélène Breschand

(born in Paris), composer, improviser, harpist. She won a gold medal and awards at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris with Brigitte Sylvestre, She teaches harp, and class creation (improvisation and graphic scores, musical theater) at the Conservatoire in Paris 6th.  Some of her scores are published by Billaudot, and she hosts a collection of contemporary scores "le fil rouge" published Misterioso (Leduc distribution).She is co-author of a book of contemporary harp published by Minerve. (http: www.lessignesdelarc.org). She is a highly versatile musician who works across several genres, from contemporary music to Jazz. She has a career as both a soloist and a chamber musician and her works include improvisation, musical theatre and the visual arts. She works with composers such as Luciano Berio, Emmanuel Nunes, Yoshihisa Taira, David Toop, and collaborates regularly with theatre and dance companies. She is also a co-founder of the group Laborintus. She took interest in musical construction that could represent the hinge between the written music and improvisation. Consequently, the notion of temporality and the tactile sense will interfere in her approach of the instrument enriching her relation to the written music. By putting her at risk, the improvisation enables her to stabilise, to recognise herself and to stenghten herself. Sensitive to the inclusion of multiple artistic disciplines such as visual arts, dance, film, light, text, theater activities, she develops a compositional approach, focusing on graphic scores and combinations in form games: synopsis. A way to reconnect with the desire of a total art.
Selected works: (The pieces for voice are intended for both actors, musicians and singers)
Sleeping woman, for   solo voice (or accompanied) musical theater; Si loin, si proche, for instrumental ensemble directed, free nomenclature, musical theater; L, for instrumental ensemble, free nomenclature (+ audio support), musical theater; Soleil rouge, lune folle, for viola solo; Minotaure, for harp solo; Improvisation III, for harp solo; Infidélité, for four voices and over, musical theater; Délire, for solo voice or accompanied, musical theater; J’enrage,  for solo harp, musical theater; Antre de jeux, for solo or duo, free nomenclature, musical theater; Nuit blanche, harp duo; Double face, harp duo.
Selective discography: "Hélène Breschand harpiste joue", Improvisations et pieces de Berio, Cage, Taïra, Ton-That Tiet, label IN SITU  dist. Ôrchestra; « le gout du sel »  solo, own compositions, voice, acoustic and electrified harp, label: « d’autres cordes » dist abeille musique; « Sombre », duo with Jean-François Pauvros, label VICTO dist. Orchestra; "L'intense" improvisation with Michel Doneda (sax) and Gérald Zbinden (electric guitar)   label FOR  4 EARS RECORD; « et tournent les sons » Monograph Luc Ferrari by Laborintus ensemble, label: « césaré » and « la muse en circuit ».

Contact: http://www.helenebreschand.fr | http://www.myspace.com/helenebreschand