Elsa Biston

(born in Lyon 1978, resident in Paris) composer. She jointly conducted scientific studies and instrumental studies - preparatory class at INSA Lyon, prize conservatory Lyon clarinet. After studying sound engineering at Primus center in Strasbourg, she became sound engineer for contemporary music and artistic director (musician sound director) at Radio France, and runs parallel composition studies. In 2006, she won the DEM electroacoustic composition (with the prize of the SACEM) in the class of Philippe Leroux at the Conservatory Blanc-Mesnil and, in 2013, the DEM instrumental composition (with the prize the SACEM) in the class of Thierry Blondeau at the same conservatory. Her electroacoustic piece Muance (2006) was performed at various festivals (Futura, Night Blue, etc.). SCRIME contest finalist, she received the auditors Elektra Music prize (radio electroacoustic music on the internet). Elsa Biston wrote the play environment for spat'sonore, for three horns and clarinet "augmented" and she can guide their sound on a set of brass pavilions arranged around public (all through pipes blocks and pistons), and developed by the horn player Nicolas Chedmail. This piece was created in the Atelier du plateau in 2012 and received a grant for writing the SACEM. Elsa Biston composes music mixing instruments and electronic tape for shows and installations of Vincent Vergone - including Au hasard des oiseaux for children from 3 years, whose music was a state commission, created at the Dunois theater in 2006, and played in many places for children between 2007 and 2012.
Selected works: electroacoustic music muance, electroacoustic, published on CD Elektramusic "volume 03" and CD prize Scrime 2007 / / instrumental music: malleable, for 5 instruments, first performance by + TM  as part of the curriculum of composition Nanterre, 2009; Vif !, pedagogic piece for seven instruments, conservatory Blanc-Mesnil commission, 2012; milieu, for the spat'sonore, first performance in the Atelier du plateau, 2012; plus près, for solo clarinet, played by Ayumi Mori concert graduation conservatory Blanc-Mesnil, and Matthias Badczong at a concert of the "Musik im Unerhörte BKA" series in Berlin, 2013; je suis un desert, for 5 instruments, first performance  by the Cairn ensemble, conservatory Blanc-Mesnil, 2013 / / music show: Au hasard des oiseaux, state commission, electroacoustic music, for the children's show Vincent Vergone, first performance the Dunois theater, 2006 ; Micmacrocosmes, installation Vergone Vincent, exhibited at the Mallarmé museum in 2007; Rivages d'outre-monde, for flute and electroacoustic music for the Vincent Vergone show, first performance, the Dunois theater, 2011.