Francesca Bertazzo Hart

(born 19th June 1974 in Padova, Italy,) singer, guitarist and composer. In 1997 she graduated in jazz singing with Tiziana Ghiglioni and Francesca Oliveri at the institue "C.P.M." in Milan. She attended several seminars with Maurizio Caldura, Bob Stoloff , Barry Harris and Sheila Jordan. In 1996 she won a scholarship to the "Manhattan School of Music" in New York and moved to the USA. She has sung in various groups such as the "Ronald Westray ens amble", in the "Jason Lindner Big Band" and performed with the group "Look and live" directed by saxophonist Richard D'Abreu. She has worked with several Italian musicians such as Fabrizio Bosso, Marcello Tonolo and Bruno Cesselli. She teaches jazz singing at the "George Gershwin" and "Thelonious Monk" music schools in Vicenza and "L.A.M.S." in Verona, and collaborates with the "New School" in New York.
Recordings: Her most important projects include the CD Silver Friends, a tribute to the music of Horace Silver.

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