Boesebertha (Laura Skocek)

(born in 1984 in Austria, resident in Vienna).

Composer, she studied media design and digital art. Her artistic work deals with experimental montages in the areas of digital video and the machine –controlled composition of images and sounds. Working methods range from digital scanning to sampling and on to virtual camera panning over collage-like composite pictorial worlds. With the “dispatch me!” project by the realag collective, founded by the artist, she sends players, equipped with Handycams, into the airport gaming zone. From there, events are broadcast live to the club. Since 2007, she has produced visuals in the form of comical mini- narrations together with the artist Jennifer Schwartze.
Work:“Shortmoves”video:Berlin-Asynchronous Metropolis, Short Film Festival (Germany 2005)“Mind out!-Chez Debs”, music video with Jennifer Schwartze, female: pressure dvd1 (2007)“Dock”, algorithmic composition: Paraflows UN SPACE, (mis)used media (Vienna, 2007)
Performances/Appearances/Collaborations: “dispatch me!”, The RealPlayer Seminar, live broadcast Airport/Fluc  (Vienna 2006);  female.pressure dvd1 release parties, vj appearance at Flex, participation in MAK Nite (Vienna, 2008)

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