Jovana Backović

(Belgrade, 1980) composer and vocalist, studied in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. During her student years she created works for chamber ensembles, including the frequently performed string quintet, Basic moods, and a Concertino for piano and orchestra. As a professional vocalist, she performs Latin American music and jazz. She is now resident in Great Britain, following Ph.D. studies in electro acoustic music at East Anglia University. She is well known to the general public for the Arhai project, in which she worked with many different musicians, performing in international festivals, reflecting the variety of her musical interests including the artistic transposition of traditional Balkans music. A classical flute, violoncello and piano bring together an environmental quality of sound, while percussion, drums, electric and bass guitars modernize music that was initially acoustic. Her Cd Misterion (PGP 2006) is the first result of this work and is considered world fusion.