Chiara Benati

(born in 18th July 1956, in Bologna Italy, where she lives.). She has diplomas in Composition, orchestra conducting, and Piano. Her compositions have been broadcasted by RAI, BBC and ORF and the Australian radio, and published and performed in Italy and abroad. Her most important professional events include: two radio portraits (one of them edited by Mario Bortolotto); an invitation from the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Chicago as Pincipal Guest; an opera commissioned by the Conservatory in Adria and performed at the Teatro Comunale; three compositions commissioned by the Teatro Comunale of Bologna (one of them, for orchestra and chorus, for the “feste musicali” created  by Tito Gotti. In 2000 she began an intense collaboration with Lorna Windsor, Annamaria Morini and Stefano Malferrari, for whom she wrote several lieder cycles.
Selected works: "Crepereia Tryphaena " for soprano, acting, flute and piano (2012); "La piccola fiammiferaia" chamber opera (2005-2012); "Intermezzo" opera (2003-2004); “Il canto infinito del dottor Joseph D." for soprano, chorus, flute and piano (2009); "5 liriche da Blok" for soprano and string quartet (2007); "Pietre (antiche lapidi di Bologna)" for soprano and cello (2004); "Detti e proverbi" for soprano and flute (2003); "Credo" a 12 voci (1999) mixed choir; "Un Agnus Dei sul cantus firmus di Frye" for chorus and orchestra (1994)
Discography: 1 CD edited by TACTUS with music for voice and instruments; 1 monographic CD edited by EDIPAN with chamber music; 1 CD edited by EDIPAN with guitar music; 1 CD edited by Sonzogno with an orchestral work.

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