Githa Ben-David

(born in 1961, in Horsens, Denmark, resident in Israel), composer and soundhealer. She was educated in classical saxophone in the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, and successively studied Indian singing in Varanasi. She was also trained as a healer in Israel, where she lived writing and performing music for storytelling. Back in Denmark she developed her own sound healing system based on the song The Note from Heaven. She has written a trilogy on the healing power of song: The Note from Heaven, Vocal Self release and Sound is Life. She has had remarkable results with her system, which she is passing on in a two year certificated education. With Lars Muhl, she founded Gilalai, Institute of Energy, Sound and Consciousness and a school for 350 adults.
Selected Discography: Sound is Light, 2000; The Note from Heaven 2002 (CD); Rising 2005; Tryllesange 2007; To Heal the Space between Us - together with Lars Muhl 2011. Together with Lars Muhl she has also written The Therapists Mystery School, Gilalai.

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