Sofia Borges

Born in Lisbon began her studies in guitar at age 11. Attend the Amateur Academy of Music/Lisbon and is subsequently studied Percussion at National Conservatoire-Lisbon where she also studied Analysis and Composition Techniques. The activity as a percussionist combined with her interest in ethnomusicology has led her to participate in concerts, festivals and conduct workshops in many countries. After attending the School of Jazz Luis Villas-Boas - Hot Clube de Portugal she begans in 2006 her composition studies at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (ESML). In 2009 she sucsessfully apllies for the Master in Multimedia Composition at Hochshsule für Musik und Theatre Hamburg - Germany, where she is currently studying with Peter Michael Hamel, Georg Hajdu, among others. Comissioned by RDP / Antena 2 – Portuguese Broadcast she composes "D'Ouro sobre Azul" for solo Marimba, mandatory piece for the Young Musicians Prize 2010.