Ana Benavides

was born in Malaga, studied music at Malaga, Granada, Madrid and Vienna Conservatories. She has a Master's Degree in Spanish music for piano at the Marshall Academy in Barcelona, under the direction of Alicia de Larrocha and Carlota Garriga. Awarded numerous times in national and international competitions, as pianist has played in Europe, America and Australia, making recordings for the Spanish, Australian, Brazilian and Swiss radio and television. She has given courses and lectures on Spanish piano and her recordedworks are: Spanish music for piano (Anacrusi, 1999), Duo Rubens, along with clarinetist Pedro Rubio (Zenobia Sounds, 2002), Piano unpublished nineteenth-century Spanish (double CD, Anacrusi, 2006) and Bartolomé Pérez Casas. Her work for clarinet and piano (Anacrusi, 2007). Bachelor of Arts from the University of Malaga, a PhD in Humanities from the Carlos III University in Madrid.