Ilaria Biagini

(Italy) gained degrees in Piano and Flute at the Conservatory "L.Cherubini" in Florence and graduated in Jazz ("Tradizioni musicali extra-europee indirizzo per cantanti") at the Conservatory "L. Ghedini" in Cuneo. She also attended seminars in jazz improvisation and piano. As a soloist she has performed in "Lucca Jazz Donna" (2006), "Cuneo Jazz Donna" (2010), jazz concert "Le donne autrici nel jazz e nel pop" (Fossola La Spezia 2010), concert "Quando la musica รจ donna" (2011), "ControCanto: Donne in Jazz" (Frascati, 2011). She has also collaborated since 1997 with Roberto Vecchioni as multi-instrumentis and vocalist (soloist and in the chorus) for the recordings of the CD Canzoni e cicogne, Il lanciatore di coltelli, Parole e canzone, In-cantus; in 2006-2007 with Gianni Morandi for the concerts in Turin, Athens, Milan, S. Vincent amd Toronto; as multi-instrumentis and vocalist with the jazz pianist Riccardo Arrighini in 2010 for the project "Verdi in Jazz". She played with the folk group "Miniera Matilde", "Enseble Fransiska", for the musical Un mondo ideale with the "Scuola Civica" di Capannori, and in duo with Carlo Facchini. She has also been active as teacher of music and flute in different Italian schools since 1997.

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