Malene Bay Landin

(born in Århus, Denmark, 1972, resident Stockholm,Sweden), is a Danish/Swedish composer based in Sweden. She studied at The Royal College of Music, Stockholm in 2001-2009. During her education she won the third prize in the Big Band Jazzverk competition with her piece Destroying Words. She has written music for many different constellations such as jazz, improvisers, classical, Hip Hop and for dance performances and new Circus. In 1999-2003 Bay Landin toured in Denmark with a Jazz/Hip Hop band. She focuses on writing music to ensembles with both jazz/improvisers and classical musicians and has done several projects in this style together with 3 other composers, David Lennartsson, Mattias Sköld and Johan Zakrisson. Bay Landin has written string arrangements for pop and sing-a-song writers like Ane Brun, Teitur and Rasmus Seebach. She has ran and played piano in the group Malene Orchestra. During 2013 Bay Landin arranged for The Swedish Radio Orchestra together with Ane Brun, Norrbotten Big Band together with Lina Nyberg, writing music for her own quartet among other projects and working together with the textile Artist Karin Gustavsson on an upcoming performance.
Selected works: La Nota, for mixed ensemble; Two same but Different, for vl, sax-t.
Selected recordings: Cruiser, Malene Orchestra, 2001, Ambia Records

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