María del Carmen Bernad Lafuente

(born in Barcelona, Spain, 6 October 1938) composer and band director. She studied violin, piano, trumpet and percussion at the Conservatorio de Música del Liceu in Barcelona. Her work consists mostly of music for wind band. She herself has directed some of her premiers as composer.
Select works: Bandera, patria y paz: Marcha military, 1984, choir v.m., band of bugles, tamb; Coronel Sala Vila, 1982, band; Victoriano Valencia, 1959, voice, band.

María del Mar Bonet I Verdaguer

(born in Palma, Majorca, Spain, 1947), singer, songwriter, composer. She studied ceramics in the school of arts, but eventually decided to dedicate herself to music. She arrived in Barcelona in 1967, where she began to sing with the group Els Setze Jutges. She has published many folk music albums in Catalan, in spite of the ban on the Catalan language and its music. She has performed throughout Spain as well as in Turkey, the former USSR, Tunisia, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Mexico, and the U.S.
Recordings: Salmaia (Maria del Mar Bonet), 1995; Primeres cançons (Maria del Mar Bonet), 1997; El cor del temps (Maria del Mar Bonet), 1997; Cavall de foc (Maria del Mar Bonet), 1999; Raixa (Maria del Mar Bonet), 2001; Cants d'Abelone (Maria del Mar Bonet + Rafael Subirachs), 2001; Collita pròpia (Maria del Mar Bonet), 2003; Amic, amat (Maria del Mar Bonet), 2004; Terra Secreta (Maria del Mar Bonet), 2007; Bellver (Maria del Mar Bonet), 2010; Blaus de l'ànima, més de 20 anys ben a prop (Maria del Mar Bonet + Manel Camp), 2011.
Awards: Creu de Sant Jordi de la Generalitat de Catalunya, 1984; Premi de l'acadèmia al millor disc estranger editat a França, 1984; Premi Gabriel Alomar i Villalonga dels Premis 31 de Desembre de l'Obra Cultural Balear, 1990; Premi Nacional de Música de la Generalitat de Catalunya, 1992; Premi Ramon Llull del govern de les Illes Balears, 1999; Premi a la Millor Cançó en Català de la IV Edición de los Premios de la Música, 2000; Premi al Millor Àlbum de Música Tradicional-Folk per "Raixa" de la VI Edición de los Premios de la Música, 2001; Millor Àlbum en Català per "Raixa" de la VI Edición de los Premios de la Música, 2002; Premi Altaveu 2002; Premi Enderrock de la crítica al millor álbum Folk-Noves Músiques, 2002; Premi Luigi Tenco 2003, de Italia; Premi de Música Ciutat de Barcelona per "Amic, Amat", 2003; Medalla d'Or de la ciutat de Mallorca, 2003; Premio Maria Carta of Sardinia, 2008.

María José Belenguer

(born in Onda, Castellón, Spain, 1983, resident in Madrid, Spain) composer, flautist and teacher. She studied music at the Conservatory of Castellón, where she obtained the Degrees in specialty of Flute (2008) and Composition (2009). Later she studied the official Master in Music Therapy at the Catholic University of Valencia (2011). She attended several courses and seminars during her training with composers like Jose Manuel López López, Augustín Charles, Tomás Marco, Cristobal Halffter, José María Sánchez Verdú. She was awarded by the Government of Andalusia with a scholarship to attend the course of composition: Cátedra Manuel de Falla (2007), with the composer Mauricio Sotelo as tutor of the course, in which her work, "Marabunta", was premiered. She was selected for the reading panel of the Encuentro de composición INJUVE 2007 and to participate in the Encuentro de composición INJUVE 2008. Following these meetings, she began to attend private lessons in London with the composer Hilda Paredes, which lasted two years. She attended the "Seminario Permanente de Composición" (Valencia, 2009), with Mauricio Sotelo as tutor. Currently lives in Madrid, where she teaches flute, piano and music theory at the School of Music Arion.
Selected works: Music for audiovisual: Aeterna; Arte y Ensayo; Heraion. Chamber music: Eclipse, wind quintet; Recreación, fl, pf; Nostalgia de recuerdos inexistentes, pf; Seguir caminant, fl, pf; Esferas, vibr.; Schou jom, fl, ectr.
Awards: The Second prize "Carmelo Alonso Bernaola" in the 23rd edition of the Young Composers Awards Foundation Author-CNDM 2012, with her work "Ida y vuelta"

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