Malin Bång

(born 1974, resident Stockholm), is a Swedish contemporary composer and works mainly with chamber, EAM, choir and orchestra. In her work she often incorporates sound objects. Her works includes music for instrumental ensembles, orchestra, staged music, electronic music, instrumental sound installations and performance pieces. Her music is performed in festivals and concerts such as Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, Festival Musica Strasbourg, Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Huddersfield, Sommerakademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Zeitfenster at Konzerthaus Berlin, EstoVest in Torino, Stockholm New Music, and the Nordic Festivals Ung Nordisk Musik and Nordic Music Days. Bång is the Composer in Residence for Curious Chamber Players, with which she has had a close collaboration since the start in 2003. Her music has been performed by ensembles and musicians such as Ensemble Aleph, Nadar, Ensemble Cairn, Ensemble Contrechamps, Ensemble SurPlus, Madrigirls, Athelas Sinfonietta, Figura, The Icelandic Flute Ensemble KammarensembleN, Liv-Merete Kroken, KROCK, the Basho Ensemble, and Quartet Nordir. She has received commissions from Integra, Ultimo Festival, the Nordic Music Days, the Swedish Radio and the Swedish Concert Institute among others. Bång studied composition at the Academy of Music in Piteå, Universität der Künste i Berlin, the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and in several master classes and courses with teachers such as Brian Ferneyhough, Gérard Grisey, Philippe Manoury, Philippe Capdenat, Chaya Czernowin, Walter Zimmermann, Friedrich Goldmann and Ole Lützow Holm. As an active performer, Bång plays live electronics with her own setup of various toys and objects. She both improvises and performs her own music, concert installations, and acoustic performances.
Selected works: Irimi, 2012, for eh, cl-b, sax-t, trb, perc, harp, pf, vl, vla, vlc, cb; Sophomore strucures of molten light, 2012, for fl-b, cl-b, 2 perc, chit, pf, vl, vlc; Kobushi burui, 2012, sax-t, chit-el, perc, pf; Structures of molten light, 2011, for f-b, cl-b, perc, pi, vl, vlc; Encrusted, 2010, for sax-t, trb, 2 perc, pf, fis, cb; Turbid motion, 2010, for cl-b, 2 perc, pf, vl, vlc; Gläntor, grenar, 2009, for 3 perc; Spine Reaction, 2008, for 4 chit -el; Perpetual Revival, 2007, cl-b, pf, perc, vl, vla, vlc; Sparkling Box, 2007, cl-b, trb, pf, vlc, cb, live electronis.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: 2009 Staubach Honoraria from Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt/Eiler Foundation; 2010 the Kranichsteiner Stipendienpreis in following the world premiere of her ensemble work Turbid Motion; 2006 STIM (the Swedish Performing Rights Society); 2006 Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien (the Royal Swedish Academy of Music); 2005: FST (Society of Swedish Composers)

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Manuela Barile

Is a vocal researcher and an interdisciplinary performer. Her artistic research is based on a project-oriented work that combines vocal sounds with different media (video, photography, installations, performance, concert-performance, drawing, writing). She is one of the directors of “Binaural”, a Portuguese cultural organization that organizes multidisciplinary artistic events and runs the annual program of “Nogs”, an artistic residency focused on the promotion of Media Arts in a rural context.

María Ángeles Belda

(born in Alcoy (Alicante), 13 June 1961) composer, pianist and teacher. She studied composition with Javier Darias in the School of Composition and Creation of Alcoy. She attended specialized courses with Ramón Barce and Tomás Marco, piano with Mario Monreal, Jose Ortiga and Joaquin Achúcarro. She teaches piano at the Conservatory of Alcoy.
Selected works: Cant a Rutra, 1996, vlc, pf; In Itna, instrumental ensemble; Isherad, 1999, cl, vl, vlc, pf, perc; Lena, 1998, ob, cl, fg, vl, vlc, pf, perc