Ana Benavides

was born in Malaga, studied music at Malaga, Granada, Madrid and Vienna Conservatories. She has a Master's Degree in Spanish music for piano at the Marshall Academy in Barcelona, under the direction of Alicia de Larrocha and Carlota Garriga. Awarded numerous times in national and international competitions, as pianist has played in Europe, America and Australia, making recordings for the Spanish, Australian, Brazilian and Swiss radio and television. She has given courses and lectures on Spanish piano and her recordedworks are: Spanish music for piano (Anacrusi, 1999), Duo Rubens, along with clarinetist Pedro Rubio (Zenobia Sounds, 2002), Piano unpublished nineteenth-century Spanish (double CD, Anacrusi, 2006) and Bartolomé Pérez Casas. Her work for clarinet and piano (Anacrusi, 2007). Bachelor of Arts from the University of Malaga, a PhD in Humanities from the Carlos III University in Madrid.

Anna Bertsch

(Born and resident in Austria).

She views herself in equal measure as a film maker and a visual artist, and she developed her style based partly on technology, partly on musical impressions. From concrete objects to the animation of abstract elements, she creates a homogenous, gradually developing image. As a vj, she works to serve  music without forfefeiting her own independence. Subtle changes give rise to structural transformations along with layers which are thematically ordered and used multiple times. The basic element of photography represents something of a “stop-motion” rhythm while also being developed further into fluid animations. In her films, the theme of the narrative is incorporated into the techniques used. In this way, her stories play out in white spaces in lack of assistance in orientation, while the image is divided and palpably shifted, with shots in extreme slow motion supporting the situation.
Work/releases:“Ask me anything”, participation at the Filmriss Festival (2006)“Revolutiongirl- Mindcave”, participation in Shorts on
Screenmentioned in The Salzburger Filmbuch (2007);
Performances/appearences/collaborations: Boheme Electronique, Ingeborg Bachmann Memorial Exbition, Palais Palffy (Vienna 2006);Cascade, interactive performance- Salzburg Experimental Academy o Dance.;“blubbery”with Florian Bolka, Woeishi Lean (winning film) Instant36 (2006).

Awards Netdays Award for blubbery (2006)

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Anna Bofill Levi

(born in Barcelona, Spain, 1944), composer and architect. She studied piano and music theory with Josep Cercós, Xavier Montsalvatge and J.M. Mestres Quadreny. She also studied probability theory, philosophy, art, architecture, and urban studies, and earned her PhD in architecture. She had additional studies in electroacustic music in Barcelona at the Phonos Laboratory. In 1985 she worked at CEMAMU (Centre d'Études de Mathémathique et Automates Musicales) in Paris under the direction of I. Xenakis. She translated the Iannis Xenakis book 'Music and architecture' into Catalan. She is likewise a specialist in the history of women composers and has written numerous articles and participated in conferences about this subject. She has composed incidental music and coordinated the music of three dramatized lectures, entitled Cartografías del deseo. Her compositions have been programmed into Spanish and foreign cities like Paris, Berlin, London, Rome, New York, Mexico, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, at festivals and conferences of contemporary music.
Select works: Afinitats, 2001, sax; Alea arborea, 2007, pf; Alternanze: Omaggio a Barbara Strozzi, 1997, fl picc t, b; Andata e ritorno, 2002, pf; Animatia, 2007, cl sib, fg, cor, vl, vla, vlc, cb; Artifici marí, 2000, pf; Bashtet, 2001, sax s; El Blanc del blau, 1998, pf; Cadaques, 1999, s, cb; La calle es el destino de los perros, 2006, s, fl, perc, reciter
Awards: In 2009 she was honored with the Medal to Work by the Catalan Government.

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