Carolina Ayuda Montañes

(born in Zaragoza, Spain, 17 Marz 1938) composer and conductor. She studied piano, harmony and composition at the Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza under the direction of Ramon Salvador Castro and Victor Good Belenguer and violin studies under the direction of Manuel Payas. She started her activity in conducting in Zaragoza in 1983 as assistant principal of the Coral del Boterón and remained until 1988. Between 1985 and 1990 she was conductor of the Orfeón Puerta del Carmen and between 1988 and 1989 at the College APA Coral "Jesus Maria-El Salvador". Since 1999 she has been conductor of the Coral Savia Viva of the Club Cultural 33 of Zaragoza. As a composer she has written much choral music, regionalist aragonese music, jazz, children's music among other genres.
Selected works: A Belén: villancico, choir 5 vm; Blanca flor, choir; Camino de las estrellas; Canta, canta tu ruiseñor, choir; Cuarteto en Sol Mayor; Cuarteto en Sol menor; Cumbres aragonesas, 1973, choir 5 vm; Ding- Dong: villancico a 4 voces mixtas; Edelweis (pequeña flor), choir; Fuga vocal, choir 8 vm.
Awards: Diploma VII Semana de la canción hispanoamericana, silver medal Ayuntamiento Badalona (1972), Premio a la musica Ayuntamiento of Badalona (1973) and Silver medal II Concurso Masas Corales Ciudad de Arnedo.