Beatrice Arzamendi

(born 24 January 1961 in Mondragon, País Vasco, Spain) composer, conductor, teacher. She began violin studies at the Arrasate Musical Academy, continuing at the San Sebastian Conservatory. In Madrid she gained the title of harmony teacher, counterpoint and composition, as well as conducting choirs and orchestra. She has worked at the Electroacoustic Music Laboratory with Zulema de la Cruz. Settled for years in Madrid, she has been interested in the situation and the reality of women in music, participating in various events such as I Semana de Música de Mujeres (SGAE) or Primer Encuentro Iberoamericano de Mujeres en el Arte (first Latin American Meeting on Women in the Arts, Mexico). Her catalogue includes orchestral works and chamber music and her pieces have been performed in numerous festivals and in concert series: Festival Internacional de Música de Santander, Festival Internacional de Música de Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo), Casa de América (Madrid), Teatro Bellas Artes (México D.F.), Fundación Juan March (Madrid), among others.
Selected works: Un trio par, 2000, pf (2); Metrosol, 2007, wind quintet; Gatzaga, 2003 (soundtrack); Burbujas de la bajamar, 2009, cl, vlc, pf; Carpe Diem, cb, chi, string orchestra; Alma, buscarte has en mí, 2011, performed by the French Ensemble Vocal Soli- Tutti for organ and 12 voices, the poem by Teresa de Jesús; Luz y sombras de Bellatrix, 2011, fl, cl, sax, mar, pf; Cantabricus, symphonic orchestra
Recordings: Femina clasica, 2009, recordered by SGAE; Diapente quartet, 2010, string quartets by Spanish women composers of the XX century

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