Rosana Arbelo Gopar

(born 24 October 1955 in Lanzarote, Spain) singer and composer. In the early 1980s, at age 20 she moved to Madrid where she studied music and guitar. She began composing music after this. Her debut album, Lunas Rotas, was released in 1996. The soundtrack for the 1996 movie Curdled featured her songs "Lunas Rotas" and "El Talismán," exposing her to an international audience. Her second album, Luna Nueva, was released in 1998 and had a more mature and deep sound. After three years, during which she wrote songs for other artists, her third album, Rosana, was released in 2001. In December 2003, Rosana released Marca Registrada, a double-disc album that contained 10 new songs, 12 greatest hits, and two videos. Most recently, she has been on tour in both Spain and Latin America, promoting her 2005 album Magia.
Recordings: Magia, WEA International Records, 2005; A Las Buenas y a Las Malas, 2009; Buenos Días Mundo, WEA International Records, 2011.
Awards: She won first place in Benidorm's music festival with her song Fuego y Miel, which led to her winning a recording contract with MCA. Later she has received: Premio ondas (1996), Premios de la Música (1997- 1999), XL Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar (1999), Premio Amigo (1997, 1999, 2001), IFPI: Platinum Europe Award (1997), Premios Gardel de la Música (1999), Premio Cadena 7 (2001), Premio COPE (2006), Premio "Micrófono de Oro" (2006), Cangrejo de Oro (2007), Premio "Lunas del Auditorio" (2007), Medalla de Oro al mérito en las Bellas Artes (2008), Premio Cadena Dial (2009), Premio "Ser Canario" (2010), Premio Cadena Dial (2010), Festival Internacional de Música Tierra de Gigantes de Campo de Criptana- Premio Quijote De La Música (2011), LIII Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar (2012), Premios Pantalla De Cristal, 2012, Festival del Huaso de Olmué- Reconocimiento por el público XLIV Versión, 2013.