Marilia Andrés Casares

(born 17 December 1974 in Cuenca, Spain, 1974, resident in Madrid, Spain) Studying COU met Marta Botia Alonso, who shared her interests in music, with whom she formed a duo. In 1994, rehearsing in Retiro´s park, they met Javier Alvarez, who brought them into contact with Gonzalo Benavides (producer). Hispavox (now EMI Music), and more specifically, Javier Lozano, bet on the duo. At first, his stage name was "The Just" and sang their own songs in English and Spanish, but when there was the possibility of recording an album, they took the name "Ella baila sola" title of a song from "Sting", "They dance alone". In 1996 they released their debut album titled "Ella baila sola". They began their first tour of Spain in 1997 offering a hundred concerts in Spain and Latin America. Other three albums followed this success in 1998, 2000 and 2001.
In late 2001, after many rumors of disagreements, artistic or personal, between the components of the duo, they held a press conference in which they confirmed the dissolution of the band. Currently Marilia has released his first solo album, which was recorded in London. It's called "Post a Mountain" (2013).
Selected works: CD recordings (Ella Baila Sola): Ella baila sola, 1996; E.B.S., 1998; Marta y Marilia, 2000; Grandes Éxitos, 2001
Solo CD: Subir Una Montaña, 2013