Anari Alberdi

(born 1970 in Azkoitia, Guipuzcoa, Spain) is a Basque singer/songwriter. Her first steps in music were as a drummer in the group Psych Out, with lyrics in English. Her first album, Anari (1997), established her as an important reference point in the Basque music scene. The texts of the lyrics are inspired by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Eduardo Galeano, Joseba Sarrionandia or Ruper Ordorika. Her second album, Habiak, did not arrive until 2000 and in 2005 her third and most acclaimed work appeared, Zebra. This album was recorded in the studios of Bomberenea, squatted house of Toulouse. In 2006, she started working at a secondary school in Ordizia, teaching linguistics, Hispanic literature, and philosophy. In 2007, she created the record Bidehuts with members of Ero Ni and Lisabö Inoren, to edit their own work. In 2008 her first reference to that label appeared: Anari Kafe Antzokian Zuzenean, an EP of five songs recorded at the Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao).
Recordings: Albums (CD): Anari (Esan Ozenki, 1997); Habiak (Esan Ozenki, 2000); Zebra (Metak, 2005); Irla Izan (Bidehuts, 2009). Singles and EP: Anari Kafe Antzokian Zuzenean (Bidehuts, 2008); Splits; Anari ta Petti (Metak, 2003); Collections: «Postariarena», in Ikastola Berria Eraiki Dezagun Zuberoan (Esan Ozenki, 1997); «Ilargia barruan», in Oztopo Guztien Gainetik Bonberenea (Bonberenea Ekintzak, 2002); «Muga kanta», en Acuarela songs (Acuarela, 2004); «Habiak», in The Rockdelux Experience. 23.11.2004 (Sinedín-Rockdelux, 2005).