Baikune de Alba Eguiluz

(born 1965 in Bilbao, Spain) composer, orchestra director and teacher. She studied at the J.C.Arriaga, Barakaldo and Donostia Conservatories, where she finished the High Degree in composition and orchestra direction. She supplemented her training with various courses in composition with Manuel Enriquez, Leo Brouwer, Gabriel Brncic and Mauricio Sotelo. Since 1986 she has taught harmony at the Municipal Music School in Santurtzi. Since 1993 has been the director of that center. Among her works can be highlighted: “Proceso de Creación de las escuelas de música en el ámbito de la administración local vasca”, presented in 2001 to the XV Vasque Studies Congress (Donostia-Baiona). Currently she teachs at Santurzi music school and she is a member of the Association of Composers Basque Navarre.
Selected works: Restless, 1990, cl, pf