Savannah Agger

(born 1971 in Stockholm) is a Swedish EAM composer and musician. She started her electro acoustic composition studies in 2002 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. She has also played saxophone and was a vocalist in the group Urga 1995-2004. Agger has composed the music to about ten of Cirkus Cirkörs performances and also to several stage plays together with Lars Rudolfsson. She also teaches EA composition at DI, the University Collage of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre.
Selected works: Untiteled Requiem, 2010, was premiered at “Sound of Stockholm”; Extended Terminations, 2010, was performed at BEAST: State of Play concert in the CBSO Center Birmingham ( the administrative home and rehearsal center for Birmingham Symphony Orchestra); Sisyphus Ascending, teatro GLIMT; Metal Degrees, for computer, Tape, 12 speakers and 4 metal plates, Fylkingen, Stockholm. The Good Body, 2006 music for the theatre directed by Rebecca Forsberg/Riksteatern, Stockholm; Melt, for tape, Fylkingen Stockholm.
Recordings: Etanol Silence Records, Ur Kaos föds allting Eerie Materials.
Awards: Stockholm’s city Kulturstipendium 2009, Grant from the Art Grant Committee of Sweden 2010.

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