Aichinger Elfi

(Born and resident in Austria).

Followed classical training (piano, voice) in Vienna and Salzburg, and has conducted intensive experiments exploring highly diverse techniques and the possibilities of the voice as instruments. She teaches ( voice, vocal ensemble, composition) at the Institute for Popular Music the Vienna University of Music and performing Arts at the Department of Jazz and improvised Music at Anton Bruckner University, as well as various master classes such as at The Lucerne School of Music. Since 1987, she has had an international presence with Jubilo Elf, Ames, Memorable Incident and Drintakein. The “ Diva of the Unheard”-according to the press-composes by means of the voice and further explores the voice’s boundaries. Her unmistakable works unite musicians from the most diverse musical genres ( jazz, classical, electronic, folk music, etc)
Selected works: Zum Sterben bin ich viel zu jung, symphonic poem, deals with P. Kelly/ G.Bastian  (Wiener Festwochen commission, 1994);Hundsturm und Kirchewiese ( Klangforum commission, 1996);Langsam wie ein Planet sich dreht…, after a narration by M.Ende ( Minoritenkirche Krems commission, 2003)
Performances/ collaborations:Ensemble Ames at the Saalfelden Jazz Festival  /Cologne Jazz Festiva ( 1992/93); 3 Part Brucknerhaus portrait ( 2004)

Drintakein at the Sprudel- Sprudel Festival ( lake Toplitz, 2007)

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