Nineta Avramović Lončar

(Belgrade, 4 th February, 1967) composer and pedagogue, studied with Rudolf Bruči in the department for composition and conducting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, graduating in 1990. From the mid eighties she was a member of different music ensembles including the New Art Forum of which she was also artistic director. With this ensemble she participated in festivals in Serbia and abroad and in 1998 won a scholarship to the Alstadt Herbst Music Festival in Düsseldorf. She is the author of chamber and theatrical music and has undertaken many projects with painters, conceptual artists and musicians. She teaches counterpoint at the Isidor Bajić Music School in Novi Sad. Her list of works includes: Pesme, for baritone and piano (1986), Kosmogonia, for oboe and piano (1986), String quartet (1988), Metamorphoses, for large orchestra (1990), Povod, for two flutes (1990), Upsara Dances (1995), Pieces for violin and piano (1996), 1000 Miles (1998), Pesme bez reči, for flute and accordion (2001).